Programs We Provide

Available 24/7 via the local law enforcement agencies or hospitals. No "walk-ins". 

Our staff reviews the needs of the client and refers them to the appropriate agencies who can help them be restored to a productive life.  Transportation assistance is available if we are unable to provide long-term services for them in Ellis County.  Due to limited overnight staff and volunteers, emergency shelter is available only if there are no other options at the time.  Emergency assistance and/or shelter clients are provided with a meal, bath, toiletries, clothing, and a warm bed.
Application approval and space availability required.  Please call for an appointment.

This program provides housing for women (both single and with children) and legally married couples for an average of six months.  Our Samaritan House clients are provided with case management services, job search assistance, transportation, childcare and other needs as they arise.  They are required to attend a local church of their choice, find employment and adhere to a savings plan in order to obtain permanent housing.